Boost Your Team SAS Skills

You manage a team of SAS programmers.

You want to boost their SAS skills and are looking for a customized solution.
Your programmers do not need a SAS macro course.
They may need to improve their macros by having a better structured, more efficient approach.
They may still use the same code, have gaps here and there. You’re not sure.

Mentoring sessions take place in three phases

– 48 hours before the session, the programmer sends some of his programs: programs that are already finalized, programs that are under development, programs where he wonders how to improve them.
– On the online session day, the programmer joins the platform or another alike tool with screen sharing functionality. He then receives feedback on his programs by me (Senior SAS Programmer – more than 10 years experience)
– 48 hours after the session, the programmer receives a summary of the feedback covered during the session.

10-Hours Welcome Offer

With the 10-hours WELCOME Offer, you can freely assign each of the 1 hour session to one or several programmers during the coming 12 months.

To benefit from the 10-hour WELCOME offer, email me at