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As part of the 45 years of the DUT STID of Vannes (2 years degrees after the Baccalaureat where STID nowadays means Statistique et Informatique Décisionnelle), took place on Friday 31st March, a single day event organized by the society of former students which gather more than 2000 persons, in collaboration with the University of Vannes (IUT – Institut Universitaire Technologique) represented by its director Patrice Kermorvant.

At this occasion, several personalities from the statistics and computation data analysis world presented including:

Two companies presented their solution:

Coheris, Dataiku but also Micropole, Business&Decision, See-d, Sundiata and Le Crédit Agricole du Morbihan were partners of the event.

We could also appreciate the intervention of the TF1 group (TV), Yves Rocher (creams, make up,… products), Crédit Agricole (Bank), Ubisoft (Gaming) or the Accor Group (Hotel) who shared their experience on data acquisition and analysis.

The day ended with a discussion on the future of the data including new legal aspects in Europe who will be effective in France from the 25th May 2018 (GDPR).

Two points have especially catch my interest during this day event:

  • a project of SISE student on APEC (Job offer website) where jobs offers having similar features (statistics) were analysed to find out what are the current requirements from companies e.g. technological requirement. This can then be used by universities to update their teaching programs.
  • the strategy of Ubisoft in learning what the player like… in order to adapt the game as he is playing. The strategy, concept and technology could be useful when developing teaching programs.

For some pictures, check out this page:

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