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1. Keep in Mind – people want to be proud of their work

What is common to SAS programmers based in India to any other persons at work is that people want to be proud of themselves. So, managing a project is all about gathering the resources for it to happen.

2. Don’t put in question the intelligence of your staff

The second thing for me is that intelligence is not a country specific thing. However, the logic in a mind cannot solve every problem. There are information which cannot be guessed. So, managing a project is about ensuring that these information are available and never put in question the intelligence of the staff.

3. Create a secure environment where every question is welcome. Stop the escalation policy.

The third thing for a project to be successful is the truth. For that, you need to create a secure environment where there will be no escalation. This way each and every person can feel asking questions. The earlier the question is asked, the easier and faster it is possible to fix it and to avoid becoming a huge problem. Technically speaking the audio may not always work properly. So invite people to write down their question during a conference call whenever it is needed and take the time for it. Also write down the answers during the chat. Compile all the questions in a reference document which can be used by both parties for any future task, whether it is for this team or new staff. New scenarios can be added to existing ones. When discrepancies occurs, either make a decision on the valid solution or indicate that both approaches are considered as valid approach.

4. Guide your team and clarify your expectations

The fourth thing to consider is ask for intermediate deliveries in a meaningful order ; don’t wait until the final deadline. Ask for the first key element and give feedback on it, e.g. trial design domains. What is it ok, then give the green light and ask for the second packages e.g. vital signs domain without study days, and so on. This way any rule which is relevant to several domains will be clarified with the first delivery avoiding unexpected results to be duplicated in several packages.

5. Make your project an opportunity to learn new skills which will be valued for later promotions

The fifth thing to consider is that many people want to be successful, make a career. So, when managing a project, your role is to ensure that the task is also a way for the team members to gain new knowledge which they can use to be promoted whether it is internally or in another company. The key is that someone who learn may not necessarily want to change company if he has the opportunity to learn more by your side. In addition, support any activity which would accelerate the training of new staff and facilitate the transition between team members.

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