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What is PhUSE?

PhUSE is an organisation which organise conferencs for Pharma Users. It was primarily based in Europe but now also covers large cities in India, China, Japan, Canada, USA. In addition to conferences, many working groups exist. As a member you can also attend one of the online webinar.

Annual Conferences

The annual European conference is lasting 3 days from Sunday evening to Wednesday afternoon. It takes place in October/November in a different city within Europe each year.

The first US based annual conference was organised in 2018.

Single Day Event (SDE)

All members can attend single day event (SDE) for free. In 2018,  conferences in Europe are in Utrecht, Frankfurt, Basel, Copenhagen, Brussels…

To become a member, you need to register for a fee. The membership is valid up to the end of the calendar year:

Let's meet at a PhUSE Conference

In 2018, I went/plan to go to Utrecht SDE, Frankfurt SDE (see picture), Copenhagen SDE and Brussels SDE.

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