PDFLaTex, Quick Start

Why should you get started with PDFLaTeX Language

PDFLaTeX is a programming language used extensively in the academic world to generate publications, reports, dissertations, etc. in a PDF form. It can deal efficiently with mathematics characters and bibliographies.

PDFLaTeX is a tool which help you keep consistent within your document and across documents.

PDFLaTeX can be connected with your SAS environment to keep programs and outputs in sync.

The source code is stored as text file. It is convenient when archiving as it will still readable in a few decades.

PDFLaTeX helps you concentrating on the content of your document ; you can deal with the layout at a later stage.

What can you find in this package?

  • More than 80 pages with explanations, codes and images illustrating the results.
  • More than 60 examples to download and run.

No software installation is required.

Table of Contents