Online and On-Site Training

Programming is like a game requiring logic and creativity where each day offers new challenges and discoveries.


SAS Language

You want to boost your senior programmers SAS skills. Have you considered SAS online mentoring session for a personalized feedback. Check out the 10-hour WELCOME offer.


SAS Language

Do you need an SAS language course for beginners in English? Discover my video-based training LEVEL 1. 

Would you prefer an on-site training in English, French or German within Europe? Feel free to get in touch.


SAS Language

You don’t have time to immerse yourself in the mass of SAS documentation available but want to learn new tricks that you can implement directly in your business. Subscribe to the program.


PDFLaTeX Language

You want to quickly learn the PDFLaTeX language to generate your reports and publications with a neat and professional rendering. I offer you a guide with ready-made examples to download. [Read More and Order]


Put all the chances at your side. Get access to an expert to gain clarity in your business, act effeciently and stop being in reacting mode.


SAS Language

You want to strengthen your data quality control and need an external and experienced viewpoint. Together, we build tailored solutions to detect blackheads early, solve them quickly and analyze them to identify processes and tools to prevent them from recurring.


Pharmaceutical Industry

You are looking for expertise in the management of standard CDISC standards and their implementation in your clinical studies. We work step-by-step starting from the basis of domaindomain-trial designs. (TA, TE, TI, TS, TV et TD).

We are talking about

  • standard maintenance automation (CDISC SDTM Implementation Guide and Controlled Terminologies) with management of the different versions and metadata management of your studies
  • collection of data (protocol data entry form, automation),
  • quality control upstream, continuously and at the end of your studies,
  • the interconnection of trials designs domains with other domains/variables (calculations of study days, IE, SV, etc.),
  • Automatic generation of mapping rules and communication within your teams.

Then we extend the method to other domains and include the specificities of external laboratory data, ECGs. We also work on medical listings, specifications and validation.


Pharmaceutical Industry

How to communicate with CROs based in India? I offer you my strategy for obtaining quality data, tables and listings in good time.

SAS Programming

Get access to generic SAS macros to be more responsive to continuous changes


SAS Language

You want turnkey tools based on a long-term strategy. You are looking for SAS macros with long life cycles to cope with continuous change. Contact me to specify your needs for future collaboration.

A Bridge between Candidates and Recruiters

Programmers, Data Managers, Statisticians… with SAS Programming Skills


SAS Language

You want to access the profiles/CVs of my clients whether statisticians, programmers or data managers to join your teams, contact me.


After graduating from Sheffield Hallam University – BSc Hons Applied Statistics, and from the University of Kent in Canterbury – MSc Statistics, I was fortunate enough to be able to program full-time in SAS and create the blog in 2006. Programming is like a game to me. It’s become a job and a hobby.

After 10 years as an SAS programmer in Germany’s pharmaceutical industry, I founded xxformat GmbH in Cologne, Germany, where I offer online training and on-site training across Europe. Through my consulting activity, you can benefit from my expertise in data quality control, CDISC implementation and outsourcing to India.

Let’s keep in touch through LinkedIn, Viadeo and Xing.

We can also meet at conferences: KSFE (SAS Users German Annual Conference), Big Data Paris, Laval Virtual and PhUSE (Pharma User Conferences: Single Day Events in Utrecht, Copenhaguen, Francfort, Brussels, …).

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