Helping SAS Users in their Day-to-Day Data Engineering and Reporting Activities

Over the last seven years, I’ve gathered, simplified and structured the SAS programming skills needed to evolve smoothly as programmer in clinical research. The result is the Office Collection, a 16-module resource designed for data engineering and reporting activities.

In the same way that knowing the grammar is not sufficient to be a great novelist, knowing the programming grammar is not sufficient to be a great problem solver. But both are necessary to achieve the desired goal. The SAS programming language as a great tool to design the solution to your problem.


Table of Contents

Module 7 – proc sql


Delivery Options

16 modules. Over 1,400 pages of short reprodudable examples.

Available in English and in French.

Online Version

Use the online version of the Office Collection while working from multiple locations.

Quickly search in the PDF files for specifc information using keywords.

Access to new versions quickly.

Printed Version

Use the printed version to browse the documents at the coffee machine and discuss any discovery with your colleagues.

Rest your eyes and keep your focus! Experience reading on paper.

Be proactive during your training. Annotate your own copy as you progress through the contents.

Online Sessions

60 to 90-minute sessions with 1 to 4 persons

Enter your training activities in your agenda.

Test the examples and ask questions as you go along.

Get questioned about your programs.


Popular Question

Common technical questions regarding the Office Collection and paiements.

What is the Office Collection?

The Office Collection is the core of xxformat program. It provides online access to reference training material to the whole team. It is based on 10-year experience as SAS programmer in clinical research. It includes 16 modules (over 1400 pages) of short examples organized in a structured way which can be easily reproduced. Every programmer can learn from it. Curiosity is key.

Which version of the SAS® System is used?

SAS® 9.4 Maintenance 5 is used to develop this course.

SAS® OnDemand currently uses SAS® 9.4 Maintenance 7 (2023).

Which programming environment is used to develop the Office Collection?

SAS® Studio 3.81 is used to develop this course. When differences with SAS Windowing Environment are identified in the syntax, additional explaination is added.

Note that SAS OnDemand training plateform also uses SAS® Studio 3.81.

xxformat remains available to support you with any difference due to a difference in programming environment.

Which paiement method is accepted?

Paiements can be made by wire transfer. After validating your bill estime per email, you will receive a bill with IBAN details.

Can I pay in US dollars?

US xxformat clients like to use to conduct their wire transfer in euros.


What Clients Say About Our Services

It is indeed the most comprehensive SAS learning sessions I came across.

Carl N.

Biostatistician, USA

I thank you very much for your help, your patience, your encouragement and especially for giving me back my confidence. thank you 🙏

Safia S.

Project Manager, Paris

I enjoy learning SAS with you.

Katja T.

Data Manager, Germany


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