When it comes to SAS programming, online structured training brings you the time flexibility you are looking for. Have a look on my online plateforme. 

You can register to the free online SAS courses for true beginner on or its French equivalent “Introduction à SAS pour vrai débutant”.


You need a course on SAS language within Europe in English, French or German ! Feel free to get in touch : veronique (dot) bourcier (at)

YOU DESERVE THE BEST - 1-to-1 Coaching for Busy Manager

You are now responsible of a SAS programmer team and need to gain quickly some understanding of the programming and SAS language to communicate effectively. In this coaching, you have access to an external expert to guide you and answer your specific needs either face-to-face or on the phone – taking into account your availability.


You are looking for motivated and qualified programmer, data manager, statistician? You want them to stay in your company. My role is to give you both. Any candidate you select receives a free access to my online courses for one year.

BRING CLARIFY INTO YOUR BUSINESS - Consulting Services in the Pharmaceutical Industry

You need to organise your programming department, improve your processes or implement CDISC standards, trial designs, etc.? I bring you my expertise in the pharmaceutical industry to gain clarity in your work.