7 Benefits of Having One-To-One Online Mentoring Sessions

Online mentoring sessions can be organised for trainees using the Office Collection program.

Benefits of Regular Meetings

1. Regularity: You have a fix timeslot booked in your calendar. It provides regularity in your learning activities. You know you will have the opportunity to ask questions at the next session and don’t have to waste time organisating a special session.

2. Deadline: Your next session is like a fix deadline. It motivates you completing your tasks by then.

3. Accoutability: Like a sport coach, you feel accountable to the expert you’re working with and don’t cancel an appointment so easily.

Benefits of Meeting an Expert

1. Ask Questions

  • Get support when not being able to solve a bug.
  • Be reassured about your understanding of a subject.
  • Address questions which came in your job.

2. Being Questioned and ReceiveĆ­ng Immediate Feedback

  • Could you explain me what this data step is doing? You feel you understand the code. Using words will help you make it intelligible and ensure that you can communicate about your work. The expert can guide you in this exercise.
  • Why did you decide to work that way? Your answer will help the expert identifying an misunderstanding you could have and correct it.

3. Developing Good Programming Habits

  • By seeing your work, your expert can give you some guidance on how to review your log, organise and write your code to make your more efficient and to save your from developing bad habits.

4. Discovering Alternative Approaches

  • There is no one way to solve a programming problem. Your approach works but have you considered altheratives solutions?