SAS® online training

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6 reasons for outsourcing your SAS training and make the most of online solutions

  1. One can improve a skill but not change a personality! Select the best candidates in terms of interpersonal skills, autonomy, adaptability and invest in their SAS programming skill.
  2. Free up the time of your most experienced SAS programmers by outsourcing the training of junior users.
  3. Strengthen the loyalty of your teams by offering them the opportunity to enhance their SAS skills through an online program composed of real world examples sent on a daily or weekly basis.
  4. Improve the communication between the various specialists of your organization (data managers, SAS programmers, statisticians…) by providing them a common language.
  5. Meet your training needs in real time by opting for an individualized online coaching.
  6. Maximize your training investment thanks to online videos accessible by your entire organization for a duration of your preference.

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