Resource Hub

The resource hub is designed to support SAS users in their data engineering and reporting activities.

The 16 modules, available in English and French, are the main resource.

  • They include over 1,400 pages of short, reproducible examples.
  • Some of these are also available in the form of videos lasting less than 10 minutes, in which the examples are reproduced in the programming environment and explained. In total, over 160 videos (12h) are available on the proc sql, macro language and reporting modules 1, 2 and 3 in English; the French version includes additional videos for modules 1 to 6, i.e. a total of 300 videos (20h).

Resources can be accessed with or without an instructor. This means that companies can choose to promote self-learning and/or delegate the mentoring part to their most experienced SAS users, who will be able to enrich their explanations with examples specific to their company and industry.

SAS users willing to develop their skill on an ongoing basic affectionate the email based solution, which in the past has been used to receive up to 250 exercises/examples (1 to 5 per week). New email-based programs will be released shortly.

In addition to the traditional classroom-based courses, online solutions are offered: individual courses, mini-group courses, as well as lunch-and-learns lasting from 30 minutes to 1 hour, and personalized online coaching.

No email address is required to download the table of contents.